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An Introduction to the Thoughtversation

All my life, I’ve been curious. That curiosity led to an abundance of thoughts, questions, and conversations. To this day, I enjoy having conversations that cause you to pause and consider every aspect of a topic.

I created a word to describe this type of conversation – here’s the definition:

thoughtversation | ˈthȯt-vər-ˈsā-shən | noun

a very thoughtful conversation, a conversation that causes all people involved to think deeply

The purpose of this site is for you and I to have a thoughtversation. I have different views about different aspects of life, but you don’t need to adopt the same views. I have suggestions about how to make your life more fulfilled and meaningful, but you don’t need to implement all of the suggestions. Open dialogue is the goal – you will definitely encounter some unique and uncommon perspectives. If you feel like there is an error in any post, or something you just don’t agree with, or if you have any suggestions at all, let me know! Comments are welcome and strongly encouraged.


There will be a variety of categories – here is an overview:

  • Featured Posts – the most important articles go here
  • Life Advice – tips for improving communication, mental health, emotional health, assertiveness, and other attributes to make life better
  • Thoughts – topics that stimulate a thoughtful conversation, including common sayings and misconceptions
  • Productivity – general productivity tips and more specific productivity topics
  • Money – all things finance related, including credit cards, retirement, saving, and investing
  • Health – this category is mainly for topics related to physical health, namely diet and exercise
  • Personal – this category will have interesting stories and interesting opinions about interesting topics not mentioned elsewhere
  • Random – fun facts and other nonsense (disclaimer: the word “fun” is subjective, but there will definitely be facts)
  • Books – a review/commentary on books that I find helpful
  • Favorites – my favorite articles

Also, if you prefer to watch or listen to a video, some articles may be recorded and posted on the Thoughtversation YouTube channel (with the exception of “Personal” and “Random”). You can find the videos in the “YouTube” tab on this website, or by clicking this link.

As you can see, there is something here for anyone and everyone. The great thing is that these topics should all make you think. If that does not happen, then I didn’t do my job right. If you like to think and use your brain, or if you want to live a more fulfilled life, this site is for you. All I ask is that you enter into your reading with an open mind.

But with that being said…

Enjoy the site, and welcome to the Thoughtversation!

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